About Laughing Cat Designs

Laughing Cat Designs was founded by Oras Island Artist Gail Anderson-Toombs.

Gail is an artist of whimsical drawings and acrylic paintings and mix media.

She has been drawing since she can remember, beginning with crayons (ahh, the smell of a new box of crayons!). She comes from a family lineage of artists going back to at least three generations.

Originally from Colorado, Gail moved for 20 years through Wyoming and North Idaho, and finally to the coast of northwest Washington. She now lives on a houseboat on Orcas Island with her husband and cats.

She has 6 children (combined family) and 7 grandchildren with a 17 year span.

In addition to being a lifelong artist, Gail was also a florist since 1976, and worked in four different flower shops. She even owned one in the early 2000’s on Orcas Island. Flowers were another art form for her, but one that had a pay check with it.

Retired now, Gail has plenty of time to work on her art, and create whimsical, unique pieces to make you smile!

A Consortium of Octopi!

One of the many unique art designs by Gail Anderson-Toombs, artist of fun, whimsical work in acrylic paint, ink, color pencil and mixed media. Orcas Island, WA.

laughing cat designs a consortium of octopi wall art


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